Team Journey

The coaching solution that helps team leaders to improve their team’s effectiveness.

Is a Team Journey For Us?


Organizations are human systems, with teams at their heart. Most leaders, however, aren’t trained to maximize their performance by building effective teams. This program helps leaders and their teams to collaborate better so they can be happier, healthier, and more productive. A long-term approach that helps organizations to improve the performance of future teams sustainably.


The Team Coaching program is a year-long journey, engaging a team and its leader(s) in ongoing development to unlock their full potential.


The Valcoach Team Coaching program kicks off with a feedback-based collective consideration of the team’s strengths and development points. This serves as a starting point for a year-long coaching journey that includes feedback, face-to-face workshops, discussions, monitoring, and evaluation. I support you as a team to create an action plan, build on these through follow-up webinars on key topics, and provide one-on-one team leader coaching for high-impact results. Continued monitoring throughout the journey helps you consolidate your learning and create collective plans for ongoing growth on your own.