Meet Susan,
the Expert Behind Valcoach

I’m Susan Kuepfer, a certified executive, team, organizational, and leadership coach with a 25+ year track record of helping people grow. Here’s why I choose to coach,
and how I do what I do.

About Me

I’m Susan Kuepfer, a leadership development, team development, and professional coach. My professional experience includes 21 years working at the multinational Caterpillar, including over 10 years in dynamic, high-level roles. During this time, I had the pleasure of working in various areas of the business, while cultivating my skills as a leader and change agent.

I am a certified practitioner in numerous industry-recognized coaching tools and am an ICF (International Coaching Federation) credentialed member at the PCC level. I’m also an independent associate with BetterUp, Korn Ferry and a Marshall Goldsmith certified coach.

Why I Coach

After surviving an avalanche in Switzerland, my “home by love,” I realized it was time to make some changes of my own and pursue my true passion – coaching. I’ve always adored helping successful individuals and teams who want to be even more effective, but – and as I encourage all my clients to do – I needed to live those priorities.

At the age of 43, I started ValCoach – which is named not just for Values (the core of everything!) – but for my homes in two beautiful valleys. By coaching others on their leadership, team, and personal journeys, I’m truly able to live my calling – building my own business while focusing on what’s truly important in my life. Each day, I strive to provide the same value to my clients on their journeys to success.

In short, I coach because I want to enable more freedom both for others, and for myself.

How I Coach

My coaching approach is about integrity, progress, and freedom. Using tools and techniques from many different coaching disciplines, my strategy is to create a personalized program that’s focused on your desired internal and external outcomes.

It means that no two coachings are the same, and that for every client, I consider the culture, organization, person, or organization as unique.

Who I Coach

Through one-on-one coaching, I help leaders grow their skills, overcome obstacles, and unlock their potential.

Through leadership development coaching, I help new and seasoned executives not just to ‘do’ leadership, but to really ‘be’ leaders.

Through team development coaching, I help successful people learn, develop, and grow together so they can achieve their shared goals.

My past and current clients include multinationals like Barry Callebaut, Novartis, Philip Morris, Caterpillar, Ericsson (Algeria), Colosseum Dental Group, IGOs like the UN (Geneva), OSCE (Vienna), SwissContact and private individuals (people who pay for their own coaching).

What Makes Me Different?

Do you ever feel hesitant about talking to a coach? I believe that creating a safe and supporting space is integral to growth and development. And when it comes to coaching in particular, I appreciate that challenging realities can be tough to confront.

It’s why I make it a priority to help you explore new perspectives in a positive way so that you feel open to moving forward.

By prioritizing clarity, I make it easier for my clients to start defining an actionable strategy for meaningful, sustainable change.

Lastly, if you are a leader who feels you might benefit from a coach who can relate to your business background – I understand. With a pragmatic, engaging approach to problem-solving, I am known for adapting my approach to pursue the results that you, personally, are after.