Privacy Policy

Protecting your Privacy
Valcoach is committed to protecting your privacy and this statement explains how we use the personal data that you give us.

This document explains how we collect, use and manage personal data. It also explains how to contact us if you want to withdraw your consent or manage your data including how to ask us to delete or destroy your data.

How and what we collect
We may obtain information about you when you use our website, for example, when you make an enquiry, contact us about products or services, place an order, provide feedback, or if you register to receive updates or newsletters form us.

The personal information we collect, might include your name, email address, mailing address, IP address and information regarding what pages are accessed and when. In addition, we store related information you may give us such as your needs and interests in respect if the products and services we provide.

When you are participating in a programme or coaching we are running we may also collect and use personal data to enable us to administer and provide psychometric questionnaires, surveys and evaluations etc. The information we collect may include your name, email address, job title, gender, phone number, mailing address.

If you are sending us personal information about other people please ensure that you have obtained the express permission of the individual(s) beforehand.

How we use the information you provide
The personal information that we collect is used:
to manage how we communicate with you if you are a client, for example sending you a booking confirmation, joining invitations/letters, feedback and invoicing etc.
for direct marketing communications to provide you with information and promote our products and services
for technical administration of our website and we may also use anonymous website data by using cookies on our website.

Direct Marketing
We will only send you direct marketing communications if you have explicitly consented to this.

We never sell or pass on your details to others for them to use for their own purposes or gain.

How you can control your data
It is your data and you have the right to see what we hold, ensure it is correct, amend or withdraw your consent for us to use the data and have your data deleted.

If you would like to manage your data please send an email to: We will respond within 72 hours and we will ensure your request is completed within 30 days.

Data Security
We are committed to ensuring the security and integrity of your personal data and your privacy. Whether we hold your data electronically or on paper we have put in place appropriate security to protect your data. We are committed to continually updating and revising our security practices to ensure your data remains as safe as possible.

As with all electronic communication, data may be sent electronically to servers anywhere in the world and may be used, stored and processed anywhere in the world, including countries outside the European Economic Area (many of whom do not have stringent data protection laws).
Whatever personal data we collect, process or use, we take steps to ensure that it is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy notice.

Sharing Your Data
We will not disclose your personal data to other people or organisations unless:
we have your explicit consent to do so, or
we need to do so in order to provide the product or service you have requested, or
the organisation or individual is processing the data on our behalf, or
the organisation or individual is working for ValCOACH and it is necessary to share the data in order to provide the product or service you have requested. They will not be able to use your data for anything other than the performance of the services they have been contracted to perform, or
where we believe, in good faith, that it is necessary to comply with the law or to protect the safety of Valcoach, our customers or their clients, or the public.

We may use and disclose aggregated and anonymised information for marketing, product development, strategic or research purposes. As the data is anonymised and aggregated no individual customer will be identifiable.

Links to other sites
This notice applies only to information collected by Valcoach. Our website has links that direct you to websites of other organisations. These websites and organisations are not part of Valcoach and are not covered by this notice.

Legal Basis
We only want to collect sufficient data to enable us to effectively do our job, so we will only ask for or collect the data we need, we will only use it for the purposes we say and we will delete or destroy it when we no longer need it.

Our legal basis for processing personal data is where we have a legitimate interest and or where we have sought your explicit consent.

Further information and contacting us
If you have any concerns, questions, feedback or you wish to manage your personal data, please e-mail us at

Changes to this policy
This privacy policy was last updated in February 2020. Valcoach reserves the right to modify or update the policy from time to time. If you think we can do better please tell us how!