Is Coaching Right For You, Now?

Working with a coach requires trust, commitment, and openness to feedback.
All of us are coachable, but are you ready for coaching right now?

Is Coaching For Me?

Deciding to work with a coach can be one of the most empowering decisions you’ll ever make. You may feel ‘stuck’ in your career, challenged by a new job, or simply looking for the best way to achieve your professional goals. If you’re wondering “Do I need a coach right now?” then you’re already starting to ask the right questions.

Most of us aspire to achieve more – to overcome obstacles, change direction, or unlock our full potential. Professional coaching can give you the support, structure, and motivation you need to turn those aspirations into a plan of action and a way forward. I’ve put together this page to help you decide whether coaching is right for you, now.

What Coaching is Right For You?

If you’re looking for clarity, purpose, meaning, or perspective in your life or career, one-on-one coaching may be the answer. Private coaching allows you to set your own agenda and benefit from the flexibility of virtual, in-person, or blended sessions focused on your unique goals.

If you want to develop your career as a leader, a more structured approach to one-on-one coaching might serve you. This leadership development coaching can be tailored to your specific needs. You may want to hone the skills that get you ahead, manage your workload, or make a greater positive impact – all of which can be done with the help of an executive coach.

If you want to unlock your team’s full potential, help your people collaborate better, and enhance your organization’s success, a team development coach has the expertise to help you work as a group. Team coaching is designed to help you realize results collectively and sustain their positive impacts together over time.

Are You Ready?

All of us are coachable, but not all of the time. What things do you need to change to be ready for coaching? What do you need to investigate new perspectives, open up to fresh ideas and behaviors, and prepare for new results? What tips will work for you?

Take this free self-assessment to see if you’re ready for coaching. You’ll receive a set of exercises to help you start exploring your values! It will also make you more aware of how they show up and how you’d like them to show up, helping you to strive for more alignment between the two. This in turn is one of the best ways to live with more integrity and congruence.

Course or Coach?

An experienced coach can help you fulfil your professional and personal potential through discoveries, breakthroughs, and new perspectives. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for coaching but would like to try out some of my material, a group coaching or e-learning solution may be the best way to start.

Convenient, flexible, results-oriented courses etc…


The Art of Coaching and Connection

October 26-29, 2020
Our longest-running workshop, The Art of Coaching and Connection,
has successfully transformed the way dozens of leaders collaborate, engage, and connect with others. This event is an immersive, interpersonal, and hands-on experience that past participants have described as ‘life-shifting’.

The Valcoach difference

Learn and develop through customized coaching approaches that help you face and overcome your workplace challenges, in a meaningful, sustainable way. With endless passion and more than 2000 hours of coaching experience, Valcoach helps you improve, grow, and succeed.

New Perspectives

Overcome individual and leadership obstacles and grow professionally through new perspectives. Collaborate on action plans for professional growth and receive valuable feedback on your progress.

Experienced Coaching

Benefit from 2000+ hours of coaching experience at all organizational levels. Valcoach approaches are constantly being refined and improved to bring you faster, more sustainable results.

Blended Learning

Design or choose the most effective and convenient coaching package for you or your organization. Decide how you want to learn with bespoke programs that include self-learning, group sessions, and in-person coaching.