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The paradox of first time leaders

Being appointed as a first time leader can be both exhilarating (just been promoted) and daunting (“what am I supposed to do now?”). When a promotion is strongly desired, the newly appointed leader may enthusiastically endorse the manager’s suite… only to realize he or she is not being followed. When a promotion is offered, the perspective to lead may be overwhelming. Have you taken a moment to reflect? Are you going in the right direction? How relaxed and confident do you feel? What leader are you becoming?

As former leaders and coaches of leaders, we know this is a strategic time in your leadership journey. We also know it can be a very lonely time. This is why we created this leadership group program: The paradox of first time leaders.


The Paradox of Leaders of Leaders

September 30 – October 4, 2024

Being entrusted with the role of a leader of leaders can evoke a mix of emotions – a thrilling sense of accomplishment having earned the position, intertwined with a daunting responsibility (“how can I effectively guide other leaders?”). When promoted to such a pivotal position, one might initially embrace the allure of leading other managers only to discover that garnering followership among experienced leaders demands a different approach.

As the opportunity to lead leaders arises, the magnitude of the role may seem overwhelming. It prompts introspection: are you heading in the right direction? How assured and composed do you feel? What kind of leader are you evolving into?

As seasoned leaders and coaches of leaders, we acknowledge the critical juncture in your leadership journey as you become a leader of leaders. We also understand that this stage can be profoundly isolating. Consequently, we have devised a leadership group program tailored to address the paradox of being a leader of leaders.

In this program, you will find camaraderie, guidance and a supportive network to navigate the unique challenges that come with leading those who lead.  Embracing this paradox and nurturing your leadership acumen will lead to greater effectiveness, growth, and impact in your organization and beyond.

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My Coaching Philosophy

Our beliefs and values shape how we think, feel, and act. Here are the vital ingredients that I bring to every coaching and leadership journey.


I stand for honesty, for alignment between what I say and what I do as an executive coach. For maximum effectiveness, I strive to build trust with all my coachees through honest, direct, and empathetic feedback.


I believe that everyone can grow, that life is full of chances to learn and improve. It’s why I believe in BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) and working passionately towards them. And it’s why, for me, every day is an opportunity to be a better coach for my clients than yesterday.


I want my coachees to walk away from our sessions feeling stronger, freer, and more empowered to notice and make choices in life. To me, coaching is about creating more freedom—for others, and myself.