The paradox of plan or adapt – in action

After thoughtful reflection, we have decided to delay our next “The Paradox of the First Time Leader” course, scheduled start in October 2021, and to instead start it in February 2022.

This was a hard decision for us to make.  We had planned it, it was in our calendars, on our path. We had already announced it.  We were beginning to get enrollments.  We had already updated all the material in anticipation of starting. We had made commitments to each other on who was doing what. Yet…

We all three knew that something was bothering us.  We did not have the same motivation level for this third course as we have had for the first two courses.  It was beginning to feel like « work ». So, being great coaches with each other, we explored our thoughts around this and realized that we did not have enough focus and energy to deliver the course the way that we wanted to.  It felt like we had gone into « mass production » mode and none of us wanted to be there.  The key for the three of us to deliver an outstanding and impactful course, is that we have to enjoy it as much as the participants.

So despite having planned and prepared well, we decided it was best for us and our future participants to postpone the course to February. This gives us time to focus on making a few changes that we think will add even more value and impact (more on that in a future post).   We also decided we will only do one such course a year.  We absolutely love this course and how it works for participants, but just like chocolate, wine or cheese (three other things I do love very much !), too much of a good thing is not good for anyone !

Thus – the paradox of plan or adapt. We had planned well but we needed to recognize the signals we needed to adapt our plans.  As the ultimate planner – this has been one of the most useful life lessons I have learned: knowing when to adapt plans.  There is an important balance between executing well thought out plans, even when I don’t feel like it, and deciding it is time for the plan to change. Sometimes the goals need to change and sometimes the « how » of reaching the goals need to change.  This is true for organizational strategic directions, our team and individual work and our own personal lives.

Our signals in this case were:

  • procrastination on some of the key elements of our plan
  • a feeling of frustration or resentment towards the plan
  • a feeling of guilt we had not progressed on some items of the plan
  • a heavy feeling when we talked about the next course
  • realizing there was a gap between the mindset of who we want to be and do  as coaches, and the mindset we had towards this third course.

What are your signals that plans need to adapt? How do you know to listen to them?  What about your team?

FYI – our website and registration will be updated in the next few days with this new information.If you have any questions, please do reach out to us personally.

P.S. If you are wondering why there is a photo of a really cute and happy dog with this post, my husband and I had planned an interesting last half of 2021, and then we spontaneously adopted « Droopy » early July and so now we are adapting those plans 🙂

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