Strengthening your leadership by navigating leadership paradoxes

We thought it would be helpful to share why we think using the paradox is a great lens to help us improve our leadership skills. 

First, we believe that being aware of the paradoxes of leadership help leaders handle conflicting demands and make effective decisions in a fast changing world. 

Secondly, leadership paradoxes often involve trade-offs between seemingly contradictory elements, such as autonomy and collaboration. And getting better at managing these trade-offs and communicating about them is helpful to any leader. 

Thirdly, leadership paradoxes exist in various dimensions, including task focused versus people-focused approaches so they apply in just about every aspect of leadership. 

Fourthly, if we embrace paradoxes, it helps us develop our  innovative thinking, adaptability and being able to balance competing priorities.

Most importantly – we realised that in all our own leadership experience and those of our clients – the one answer to many of the questions and challenges posed was « it depends ».  And being able to figure out the best answer in a « it depends » situation means – understanding paradoxes. 

We hope you enjoyed thinking about the intricacies of leadership paradoxes and their role in enhancing leadership effectiveness, and we invite you to learn more about our approach by clicking here

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